Message to Parents

As we enter another exciting academic year, we would like to remind our parents how important you are to the academic success of your children.

When you prepare them for the school day by providing them a healthy breakfast, a clean uniform and good personal hygiene, you give them the energy and confidence they need for a busy day of learning and social interaction.

When you care for them in the evening, listen to their day, help them with their homework and make sure they are organized and ready for the next school day, you make family time a happy time and you give them pride in their daily accomplishments.

We thank all our parents for their love, their support and their dedication.

Daily Schedule
Monday 7AM - 3PM
Tuesday 7AM - 3PM
Wednesday 7AM - 3PM
Thursday 7AM - 3PM
Friday 7AM - 3PM
Saturday (Grade 8 Only) 9AM - 12PM

Our School

Students - 400
Classrooms - 30
Courses - 76
Staff - 42
Pass Rate - 100%

Our Classes

  • English
  • Amharic
  • Mathematics
  • Science (Biology/Chemistry/Physics)
  • Civics
  • Computer Lab
  • Athletics


We have limited availability for the 2016-2017 school year and will be accepting students throughout the semester. Please come visit our school to discuss registration with our directors. To register your child, please bring:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Vaccination Card
  • Three passport size photographs of the student
  • One passport size photo of each parent/guardian that will be picking up the student
  • Academic Records from recognized school (KG-2 and older)
  • Entrance exam required for grades 7 and 8

Parent Responsibilities

  • Provide your child with a quiet place to do homework and 30 minutes of daily reading time
  • Read and sign all documents sent home including announcements, report cards and behavioral reports
  • Attend all school meetings and Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Look after your child's health, cleanliness and appearance. A clean and healthy child is a confident child
  • Make sure you and your child understand the school's policies and code of conduct
  • Maintain a skill level in all subjects including English equal to your child's grade level

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“Zagol Academy worked with my children to improve their academic performance and motivation to learn. My children love Zagol Academy.”

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2016-2017 School Year