About Zagol Academy

Zagol Academy is a premier private school offering instruction in English and Amharic. We are located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia between CMC and Ayat (Meri). We believe that every child should have access to a quality education and are committed to providing affordable, first-rate education for the children of Addis Ababa.

Zagol Academy was founded in 2009 by a group of Ethiopians and Americans looking to expand on the educational opportunities available to young students in Ethiopia. Since then Zagol Academy has been one of the fastest growing schools in Addis Ababa.

To be a nurturing and safe environment that supports educational success and ethical behavior. Curriculum will mix academic and hands-on learning with a focus on the individual needs of the student. Staff will be qualified, caring and engaging. Parents will be involved. Students will be active, curious, compassionate, self-disciplined and productive citizens.

To empower a generation of successful and honorable youth for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and the World.

Our director, Elias Lewetegn, has many years of experience as a teacher and a school director. He has a master's degree (MSc) in Physics and Math from Addis Ababa University.

Our second director, Tsegay Denboba has eight years experience in the Ministry of Education as a high school teacher and a Senior Research Expert in Distance Education and 25 years experience in the Ethiopian Mapping Agency, reaching Head of the Planning Department.

He has a BA in Geography from Addis Ababa University's Faculty of Education and an MSc in Research Development Planning from the International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) in the Netherlands.

We have a lead teacher in each grade with strong teaching experience and substantial education. We hold regular teacher's workshops in which we build on our experiences and study international teaching methods. All of our teachers are fluent in English, highly motivated and always put their students first.

Our Facilities

Our Kindergarten Campus has eight classrooms, a play room, a nap room, a playground and a dining area. This campus is perfect for small children to learn and play.

Just across the street, our Primary and Secondary School Campus has ten classrooms, a state of the art computer room, a science laboratory, a pedological center, a library with English books and a large play area. Our bright, sunny classrooms and safe, enclosed campus provide the ideal learning environment.

Our Approach

We approach education with the idea that every student can succeed if given the right opportunity. Our teachers not only instruct, but inspire our students to set high goals for themselves and attain these goals through hard work and self-discipline.

Creative Thinking

We believe that education involves more than attaining knowledge. We have a strong focus on creative thinking and creative problem solving across all subjects. From an early age our students use their imagination in creative writing. In math and science we guide our students in creative problem solving.

Team Work

Learning to work in a group is a vital part of a child's development. By working in groups, students learn valuable lessons in communication and leadership and prepare themselves for success in society through cooperation and working in teams. Students not only learn directly from their teachers but from other students as well.

Multiple Learning Styles

We recognize that there is more than one path to learning. All of our lessons utilize a combination of basic learning styles: auditory (hearing), visual (seeing) and kinesthetic (hands-on). We appeal to multiple intelligences to reinforce all aspects of learning. Multiple intelligences include:

Character Education

Character education is learning about character traits and how they are linked to good behavior. It is learning that an individual can be in control of choices concerning his/her own behavior and it is learning to make good decisions. Character education is reinforced throughout all aspects of school life and by the parents at home. The table on the right shows the character traits that will be reinforced by Zagol Academy.

Our Curriculum

While maintaining strong support for Amharic language skills, our school immerses students in English. All of our teachers and administration are fluent in English and Amharic and are skilled in educating in both of these languages.


From Pre-KG and up our teachers focus on a hands on approach to learning science. Students dig into science lessons through investigation and experimentation. We are constantly expanding our science laboratory equipment to give our students a chance to see science in action and discover things on their own.


While maintaining strong support for Amharic language skills, our school immerses students in English. All of our teachers and administration are fluent in English and Amharic and are skilled in educating in both of these languages.


student learning information technology on a computer

The world and especially Ethiopia is growing and changing at an incredibly fast rate. None of us can predict what will happen in the future but we should all do our best to prepare the children for what will come. Computers will be vital part of our student's education, their life and their jobs. Our school has a fully equipped computer lab that we plan on growing each year. Through an emphasis on technology, our

Work with Us

Zagol Academy hires creative and energetic teachers in many academic areas. We believe our teachers are the heart and soul of our school and treat our teachers with an unparalleled level of respect. We provide a supportive work environment for our teachers to excel and have a positive impact on our nation's future.

Careers and Opportunities
student learning information technology on a computer